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Warning, this is very long (lol "long"): it stretches from the beginnings of human history to the future of after the game.

Long before anyone can remember

Gods-from-Nowhere exist and have always existed (althougth it's unknown whether those are the same Hours that are present now) Gods-from-Stone - the Wheel, the Flint, the Tide, the Egg Unhatching, the Seven-Coils and the Horned-Axe - ascend via the Savage Door (and how many before them?) The civilization of the Carapace Cross is dominant in the forests of the first continent. Humanity is born from the shell of the Carapace Cross; or maybe humans' life-motes descend from the Glory; or maybe the first humans are found naked and smeared with muck in the roots of the Wood; or maybe they are descendants of apes who walk upright. Or maybe none of these. Prehistoric era: anywhere from 1 million BCE to 3000 BCE (very approximate) The Lithomachy starts. Our ancestors curse themselves with their own god: the Moth is born from the first sacrifice.[1] The Moth usurps the Wheel from within.[2] The Carapace Cross shear their wings and pass within humanity. The Red Grail is born from the first sacrifice.[1] The Red Grail drains the Tide. The Forge of Days descends from the Glory.[3] The Sun-in-Splendour descends from the Glory.[3] The Egg Unhatching flees into the Glory.[4] The Unwise Mortal learns the arts of the Flint and ascends into the shadow of the Egg Unhatching.[5] He later descends from the Glory as the Watchman.[6] The Forge of Days eclipses, then shatters the Flint.[7] Unknown time during the Lithomachy[8] The Velvet is "resurrected" (possibly from the remains of the Wheel or his Names).[9] The Vagabond ascends under unknown circumstances and creates the Painted River in the Mansus.[10] The Twins enter the Mansus through the Painted River and ascend with help of the Red Grail (likely as the Grail's Names at first, but they achieve Hourhood later).[11][12] The Ring-Yew ascends under unknown circumstances.[11] The Beachcomber ascends under unknown circumstances.[12] The Elegiast ascends under unknown circumstances.[12] Mycenaean Greece: 3000-1000 BCE The Colonel, supported by the Mother of Ants, slays the Seven-Coiled, they both attain Hourhood and storm the Mansus, opening it for the humans. A mortal from the Shadowless Empire travels west to train under the Colonel. After seven years he returns to his homeland and becomes the Golden General. He fights and kills Antaios the Opponent, the son of Earth, descendant of the Wheel and the Flint.[13] The Ring-Yew, the Red Grail and the Horned-Axe agree a peace treaty: the Thunderskin, Name of the Grail who loved the Yew, is destroyed "as restitution for the slaying of the Horned-Axe's sisters and brothers." The Thunderskin enters the House through the Peacock Door and becomes an Hour. The Lithomachy ends. Ancient Greece: first millenium BCE The Sisterhood of the Knot is founded in Phrygia. The House of Lethe is founded. The Great Hooded Princes, children of the Mother of Ants at war with the House of Lethe, escape from Mesopotamia in the Fifth History, "where they had died (or were doomed to die)". After their flight, they secretly conquer the Land of the Great River (India) as shadow rulers. 333 BCE: The Battle of Issus. Alexander the Great leads his armies to war with the Shadowless Empire (Persia). The Golden General of the Shadowless Empire refuses to fight against his teacher’s descendants. The Shadowless King Darius shares the shattering secret of betrayal with both of them (possibly in different Histories), which results in Alexander ceasing his conquest of Persia and returning to Macedonia. The Golden General shatters his sword, betrays his mentor and ascends to become the Hour known as the Lionsmith. Ancient Rome: 500 BCE - 500 CE The Church of the Unconquered Sun is founded in ancient Rome. The struggle between the Colonel and the Lionsmith continues in the form of the secret war between the Unnumbered Legions of Rome and the Shadowless Empire. In at least one History, the Shadowless Empire is said to have flourished as late as the fifth century, taking Byzantium under its wing after the fall of Rome and later attempting to conquer India. The House of Lethe moves to the Roman province of Hispania Gallaecia and transforms into the Ordo Limiae. From Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages: Paradoxically, much less is known about this period than about ancient times. The Sun-in-Splendour's rule over the Mansus likely assumes its complete form at this point with all 18 modern pre-Intercalate Hours being present.[14][15] The Division of the Sun is prophesized by the several adepts throughout this time period (and earlier). Hush House is established in the 6th-7th century. Renaissance: 15th-16th centuries At the end of the 14th century, the Great Hooded Princes of India repel Timurid invasion with the help of the Wood-Hours: the Velvet, the Moth, the Malachite, and the Twins. The Ordo Limiae tranforms into the Fraternity of Obliviates and moves to the newly-discovered Noon island on the Evening archipelago.[16] The War of the Roads starts between the Sovereigns of the Leashed Flame of England and the rest of the Europe. They are opposed by the Sisterhood of the Knot and the Church of the Unconquered Sun. The war results in a tremendous losses on both sides. Ultimately, the Sovereigns lose the war and are consumed by the Forge of Days. It lasts from 1450 to 1580. 1582[17], The Intercalate The Forge of Days divides the Sun-in-Splendour to prevent him from commiting the Crime of the Sky. The Sun goes to Nowhere, his three Names - the Sun-in-Rags, the Meniscate and the Madrugad take his place. Another Hour, the Wolf Divided, is born from the Sun's wound. The Worms breed in the Sun's corpse in Nowhere. The Church of the Unconquered Sun is experiencing a schism and goes into decline. The First Worm War happens in the late 16th century. The worms are defeated, but learn to traverse the Histories to survive. Late modern history The Second Worm War happens in the 18th century. The War (or maybe certain event or period of it) is known as "the Great Writhing" and has already happened (or started) by the 1776 (when "the Worms are observed to move openly along the boulevards of Paris"). In the Third History, Europe is overran by the Worms. The Third Worm War - possibly the Great War? - happens, although it is "too recent to have passed into the Histories" by the 1920s. 1924 to 1925: Events of Cultist Simulator: Exile take place. 1929 to the 1930s: Events of Cultist Simulator (including Dancer, Ghoul and Priest) take place. Unknown future The Seven Pilgrims - the Vagabond and six others - walk past the Watchman into the Glory. The Wheel returns. The Chandler comes. The Second Dawn: After four great wars, the Sun-in-Splendour returns. The sunrise is blood.

The Forge is cold, the Glory is dark, the Wood is dust and the Wolf now can rest.


Both the Moth and the Grail claim to be the first god-who-were-blood. The Wheel connection to the House of the Moon may suggest that the Meniscate (and the Sun-in-Splendour) was present at the time. 'The Origins of Hours' imply that there was a single god-from-Light who descended first. Was it the Forge or the Sun, unknown. The Egg fled likely either after the Sun descended and started to threaten the Egg's position, or after at least one other gods-from-Stone was killed. Had to happen before the Flint was shattered. Exact time of his descent is unknown - it could have happened right after his ascent, some time later during the Lithomachy, or long after its end. Mentions of the Watchman in 'The Sky, the Soul' and in 'The World Does Not Weep' imply that he already was around in the time of the Shadowless Empire (~500 BCE). End is supposed to correspond with humanity entering the Bronze Age ~3500 BCE. Most of from-Flesh ascensions are likely happened after the slaying of the Seven-Coils. Said to be the one of the 'older Hours' along with the Horned-Axe, so likely happened significantly earlier than the other events of this section. Had to happen before the Thunderskin's ascension. Accounts of the Roost - a secret locations where the aviform Hours gather - from the ancient cities of Lagash and Gordion imply all aviform Hours were present around 2000-1000 BCE. The Lionsmith association with Heracles implies that happened before the 1000 BCE. With the possible exceptions of the Watchman and the Flowermaker, since we have no information on their ascension time. Peculiarly, adding the three leaked Hours gives us the full Tarot deck. Likely corresponds with the Age of Discovery and/or the War of the Roads making Europe inhospitable for neutral Long. Based on the adoption of the Gregorian calendar. It is confirmed that the Intercalate happened after Hush House was established (in 6-7 century). Likely even later, after the War of the Roads - since The Church of the Unconquered Sun "schismed during the Intercalate, when the Sun was divided, and has not survived as a significant force" - but it was present during the War of the Roads. The first Worm War (16 century) also likely happened after the Intercalate, so, even if the date is not entirely correct, 15-16 century is a good guess.