Kerisham is a repeatable Vault.


Drive through the downs to the coast where the grey-green land meets Atlantic grey. Search along the road for signs to Kerisham town. You will rarely find it, even if you have visited before; and its inhabitants guard their secrets with curse and cudgel and fast-bolted door. [You've found all the Expeditions in the Shires, although you can find and visit Kerisham several times.]

Start Description:

Slink along the streets to a once-fine townhouse. Surreptitiously case the back garden. Odd stories circulate about the woman who lives here. She might be an adept, a collector, or even the rare thing called empousa. We must be watchful.

Success Description:

Nothing remains to bar our way. Search the cellar first, then the upper rooms. We don't want to be trapped.

End Description:

On the topmost floor is an altar to the Sun Divided - which could be one of many Hours. Sweep the items there displayed into a carpet-bag, and let's make haste into the back streets.

How to acquire

It is randomly awarded for exploring A Furtive Truth (Secret Histories 4). - It is always awarded for talking to Sulochana Amavasya about A Furtive Truth (Secret Histories 4).


A Warded Door - overcome with one of: Forge, Knock

Watchers - overcome with one of: Edge, Grail, Moth

The Fifth Eye Curse - overcome with one of: Heart, Winter



3 random

The Orchid Transfigurations, Vol 3: Noon

The Shaven Lock Tantra

Those Who Do Not Sleep

The Concursum Diaries

Gildersleeve's Latin Grammar

On Matthias and the Amethyst Imago: Loss

The Book of the Centipede

The Victory of Crowns

The Flayed Tantra

Those Indignities Perpetrated By the Deceitful Fraternity of Obliviates

Meteoric Bullet

Bone Flute

Biedde's Blade

Cracked Wildering Mirror

Wing├Ęd Doll

Icon of St Agnes

Rose-Pearl Dust

Vital Pigment

Vital Pigment

The Byzantine Tinct


Bitterblack Salts

Martensite Paste

Witch-Kissed Oil

Piebald Pigment

Piebald Pigment

Greydawn Oil

Greydawn Oil

An Icy Atmosphere