Miah is a repeatable Vault


There was a city here. We can pick over its remains like jackals over old bones: palace walls, buried roads, shattered fountains. Sometimes we may find the knowledge of the dead, and sometimes the dead may find us. [You've found all the Expeditions in the Sands, although you can find and visit Miah several times.]

Start Description:

The city, Miah, has long been sunk in the desert. Only ghosts walk its streets. Anything left there will be well-hidden. And the Vagabond's curse hangs over it all: her revenge on the place that wronged her so.

Success Description:

The wind of Miah is a pettish wind. It tugs at our garments like a needy child; it tosses sand in our faces; it whines among the dust-choked stones. The desolation of the city is not quite absolute. There are pillars, arches, sand-blinded statues, steps to nowhere.

End Description:

We find relics in an abandoned chamber which might equally have been a cellar or a shrine. The walls are cracked and sand has poured through. When we return to the surface, the wind is rising. It almost tugs us from our feet. Perhaps it missed us.

How to acquire

It is randomly awarded for exploring Vagabond's Map (Secret Histories 12). -

It is always awarded for talking to Sulochana Amavasya about Vagabond's Map (Secret Histories 12).


Desolation - overcome with one of: Forge, Grail

A Hidden Door - overcome with one of: Knock, Lantern

The Fretful Dead - overcome with one of: Edge, Winter

The Creeping Breath Curse - overcome with one of: Grail, Heart


3 random

In Memory of Gods

The Songs of the Carapace Cross

The Voyages of Ferninshun of Oreol

The Manner in which the Alchemist was Spared

The Focus of Amber

Medusa's Lament

The Sevenfold Slaying of the Seven-Coiled

Wildering Mirror

Consecrated Lintel

Kingskin Bodhrán

Division Bell

Alakapurine Shears

Atlas of Dreams

Iotic Essence

Holiest Hemolymph


Skaptodon Fang

Writhing Caul

True Blood of St Januarius



Ichor Vitreous

Glassfinger Toxin

Sthenic Venom

Witch-Kissed Oil



Labhitic Grains

Holiest Hemolymph


Xanthotic Essence

Amaranthine Nectar

A Bitter Atmosphere