Port Noon

Port Noon

Port Noon is a repeatable Vault


There is a choice that every immortal must make: enter the service of an Hour, or return to the mortal ranks, or face extinction. The sunny little island-port called Noon is the exile-realm of the immortals who refused all those options. [You've found all the Expeditions in the Evening Isles, although you can find and visit Noon several times.]

Start Description:

If we can cross the sea to Port Noon, if we can defeat the Long who do not die, if we can breach their private vaults, still we must resist the temptation of visions. Success Description:

This is the secret sub-cellar of the Hotel Ciervo. The walls are whitewashed; the floor is freshly scrubbed; shelves bulge with oddities. A caged man with a wild beard peers morosely at you from the corner. 'Again?' he says. 'Or are you a different lot? No, I don't need rescuing, thank you. It's much worse out there.'

End Description:

'Grab what you can, quickly!' the caged man hisses. 'They'll be back soon. Only please leave the gladius. I brought that all the way from Gallaecia, back in the day. There, that shelf's good. Hurry, they're coming! You can escape up the delivery stairs.'

How to acquire

It is randomly awarded for exploring Port Noon Anecdote (Secret Histories 14). -

It is always awarded for talking to Sulochana Amavasya about Port Noon Anecdote (Secret Histories 14).


A Western Sea - overcome with one of: Forge, Heart

A Warded Door - overcome with one of: Forge, Knock

The Long - overcome with one of: Grail, Moth

The Fifth Eye Curse - overcome with one of: Heart, Winter


3 random

A Manual for Departure

The Scar in the Sky

The Book of the White Cat

Inaam, Kapigiginlupir, Garkie, Cryppys

Commandments For the Preservation of All That Exists

The Time of Division

The Book of the Extinguished Heart

The Origins of Hours

My Deeds, My Powers, My Achievements...

Five Creations

Carcass Spark


Chalice Murmurous

Watchman's Glass

Ichor Vitreous

True Blood of St Januarius


Writhing Caul

Writhing Caul

Skaptodon Fang

Iotic Essence

True Blood of St Januarius

Holiest Hemolymph