The Forsaken Reaches

The Forsaken Reaches

The Forsaken Reaches are a repeatable Vault.


Along the grey banks of the rotting river, the warehouses wait. Perhaps I have identified one where an unusual cargo was stored. [You've found all the Expeditions in the Capital, although you can find and visit the Reach several times.]

Start Description:

The law does not touch this decaying fringe of the city. The mud here has claimed many lives, and there will, no doubt, be some wretched criminals or other lairing in the warehouse.

Success Description:

A barred door, a cramped space, a hidden cargo.

End Description:

The watchers here were guarding crates sealed with thief-signed ribbons. This was not a lawful operation: the owners of the cargo may not be pleased with our meddling.

How to acquire

It is randomly awarded for exploring An Occult Scrap (Secret Histories 2).


Treacherous Ground - overcome with one of: Forge, Lantern

Watchers - overcome with one of: Edge, Grail, Moth



3 random

The Wainscot Histories

The Rose of Nuriel

The Rose of Hypatia

Apollo and Marsyas

The Rose of Waznei

De Bellis Murorum

Chione at Abydos

K├╝hner and Gerth

Lord Franklin Bancroft: Diaries, 1750-1790

The Locksmith's Dream: Trespasses

Travelling at Night(Vol. 3)

The Treatise on Underplaces

The Locksmith's Dream: Stolen Reflections

The Journal of Alessandro LaCroce

Elagabaline Manacle

Marruvine Idol

Cracked Noonstone

Stained Gloves


Rose-Pearl Dust

The Byzantine Tinct


Vital Pigment

Bitterblack Salts

Martensite Paste

Piebald Pigment

Rose-Pearl Dust

Vital Pigment

Greydawn Oil