The Foxlily Meadows

The Foxlily Meadows

The Foxlily Meadows are a repeatable Vault.


The scent of foxlilies inspires ferocious appetites. It is probably fortunate that they grow only at this altitude. The peasants have organised to keep treasure-seekers away, but some treasure-seekers fall prey to lily-hungers. Their own treasures lie among their bones; and so the cycle continues. [You've found all the Expeditions in the Land Beyond the Forest, although you can find and visit the Meadows several times.]

Start Description:

The path through the mountains to the high meadow will be hard. The peasants of the mountains will seek to drive us away. If we return home safe, we may struggle to shake off the visions of the place.

Success Description:

We've dipped cloths in ammonia, and bound them round our faces, to deaden the foxlily scent. Even so, our heads swim, our bodies respond to a half-dozen contradictory desires. Here are the bones we sought. Loot them and get out.

End Description:

The foxlilies are white as cave-skin, white as frost, white as unsullied sheets. It is hard to look away. We will close our eyes and struggle away with our treasures.

How to acquire

It is randomly awarded for exploring Forbidden Epic (Secret Histories 8). - It is always awarded for talking to Sulochana Amavasya about Forbidden Epic (Secret Histories 8).


The High Passes - overcome with one of: Forge, Winter

Watchers - overcome with one of: Edge, Grail, Moth

The Fifth Eye Curse - overcome with one of: Heart, Winterh


3 random

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