Tombs of the Shadowless Kings

The Tombs of the Shadowless Kings

The Tombs of the Shadowless Kings are a repeatable Vault.


In a rearing outcrop of lion-coloured rock, labourers carved tombs for the first kings of this land. Those kings had hoped to be immortal, and perhaps one of them is. The others lie among their trinkets. A hereditary order of guardians watches closely. [You've found all the Expeditions in the Rending Mountains, although you can find and visit the Tombs several times.]

Start Description:

We must penetrate the mountains, pass the guardians, and brave the curse the Shadowless Kings left behind. Perhaps then we will find treasures.

Success Description:

We roll the stone aside, and light floods the tomb. Here is the king, dried to papery leather and crumbling bone. He does not move. This one was not immortal.

End Description:

The Shadowless Kings were buried only with their most personal treasures. They expected no luxury in the afterlife. Here is a tiny cache of the things this king valued.

How to acquire

It is randomly awarded for exploring Unresolved Ambiguity (Secret Histories 10). - It is always awarded for talking to Sulochana Amavasya about Unresolved Ambiguity (Secret Histories 10).


The High Passes - overcome with one of: Forge, Winter

A Hidden Door - overcome with one of: Knock, Lantern

Watchers - overcome with one of: Edge, Grail, Moth

The Creeping Breath Curse - overcome with one of: Grail, Heart


3 random

A Second Glory

The Uyrus

As The Sun His Course

The Larquebine Codex

The Book of Masks

The Dream of the Conspiracy of the Lower Skies

Where Has She Gone?

The Velshorn Inscriptions

The Book of Dissolution

The August Stone

Consecrated Lintel

Malleus Imperative

Cracked Watchman's Glass

Furious Sliver

Hallowed Polos

Glassfinger Toxin

Sthenic Venom

Witch-Kissed Oil

Amaranthine Nectar

Xanthotic Essence


Labhitic Grains