Dorothy is a Heart Follower. She is enthusiastic and determined, and finds music in everything. Her personality, behavior and aspect imply a stronger than normal connection to The Thunderskin.

One may engage in a romantic relationship with Dorothy if she is spoken to and The Ecdysis Club is chosen as the subject of discussion. Temptation: Change or any of its forms (ex., Change: Leaf) is also required to do so.

Dorothy, an acquaintance

Dorothy is an enthusiastic sort with an eclectic reading habit. She's fascinated by my hints about the shapes beneath the world's skin. [You might be able to recruit this acquaintance as a follower.]

- Acquaintance description

Aspects: Acquaintance, Mortal


Dorothy, a believer

Dorothy is an enthusiastic sort, and I have turned her enthusiasm to our advantage.

- Believer description

Aspects: Mortal, Follower, Heart 2


Dorothy, a disciple

Dorothy's enthusiasm has become obsession. She will not cease; and how she loves to dance.

- Disciple description

Aspects: Mortal, Potential, Heart 5, Follower, Disciple


Dorothy, a Tarantellist

When Dorothy moves, we hear the drum. When she speaks, we see the dance. Her determination is her shield and her weapon.

- Exalt description

Aspects: Mortal, Heart 10, Exalted, Follower, Disciple



Dorothy will not cease. She will never cease. She has vowed as much.

- Rival description

Aspects: A Rival's Ascension 2, Mortal, Maverick, Suspicious



Dorothy's constant expostulations wear on the nerves.

- Prisoner description

Aspects: Mortal, Heart 5, Lantern 3, Prisoner, Grail 3



Dorothy can be romanced at The Ecdysis Club.

My companion's breath comes short as they watch the display on the stage; not particularly when the bodies of the performers are unsheathed, but most of all when certain transformations are manifested.

- Invitation description

Dorothy nods decisively, twice, thrice. 'It's time,' she says softly.

- Followup description

Dorothy hums along with the music. Dorothy unconsciously moves in time with the dancers' actions. When I kiss Dorothy, she kisses me back in equal measure. She's breathing heavily as she draws back. 'We'll be different, now,' she says.

- Success description

Dorothy insists that the gramophone must play, from the moment we touch to the moment we part. This occasions interruptions. But she makes up for those interruptions, and the memory of the music is woven into the memory of the evening like a bright thread into sateen.

- Season description


Ever After

There are lulls in the music between us, but there are far more crescendos than falls. We live together, we travel as one, we fall naturally into perfect step. Before we sleep we often dance, to the low, slow rhythm of the streets outside. Those nights we dream the same pink dreams and waken, flushed, in the dawn. [This might be considered a victory. But the House is no place for lovers.]

- End description