Laidlaw is a Forge Follower. He is ingenious, indefatigable, creative, and unpredictable.

One may engage in a romantic relationship with Laidlaw if he is spoken to and Oriflamme's Auction House is chosen as the subject of discussion. Temptation: Power or any of its forms (ex., Desire: Power) is also required to do so.

Laidlaw, an acquaintance

Laidlaw is a tinkerer and mechanic with an uncanny knack. [You might be able to recruit this acquaintance as a follower.]

- Acquaintance description

Aspects: Acquaintance, Mortal


Laidlaw, a believer

Laidlaw has begun to understand the limitations of ingenuity, and the power of sacrifice.

- Believer description

Aspects: Mortal, Follower, Forge 2


Laidlaw, a disciple

Laidlaw has learnt the cleverer uses of fire and copper, wax and acid.

- Disciple description

Aspects: Mortal, Potential, Forge 5, Follower, Disciple


Laidlaw, a Reshaper

Laidlaw can shape what is broken into what is necessary.

- Exalt description

Aspects: Mortal, Forge 10, Exalted, Follower, Disciple



Laidlaw's schemes are intricate as fern-shadow.

- Rival description

Aspects: A Rival's Ascension 2, Mortal, Maverick, Suspicious



Laidlaw's door is bolted, not locked. We know better than that.

- Prisoner description

Aspects: Mortal, Heart 3, Lantern 3, Prisoner, Grail 3, Forge 5



Laidlaw can be romanced at Oriflamme's Auction House.

Some prefer moonlit walks. Some prefer soft music. But there are those whose enjoy shining opulence, high company, and the soft click of the operations of power.

- Invitation description

Laidlaw beams. 'That sounds pretty!'

- Followup description

Laidlaw's eyes shine as I speak. He can't seem to look away. His hands are upon me before either of us quite seem clear how it happened. Just for a moment, the auctioneer falters. We leave together before we attract comment.

- Success description

Laidlaw is ingenious and indefatigable. He likes to bring me little gifts: clockworks, liqueurs, caged amusements.

- Season description


Ever After

We have our patterns. Our visits to the auction house, the flickering films we watch together, the rhythm we know in the night. But he is unpredictable as the sparking of wood in the hearth. When next will he spit embers? When next will his fires cool? I shape myself around his flares. We find, we think, a way. [This might be considered a victory. But the House is no place for lovers.]

- End description