Victor is a Edge Follower. He is elegant, gentlemanly, and cunning, and is very similar to his sister and lover Rose. If romanced, and even during his Ever After ending, he continues his relationship with his sister.

One may engage in a romantic relationship with Victor if he is spoken to and The Ecdysis Club is chosen as the subject of discussion. Temptation: Sensation or any of its forms (ex., Desire: Sensation) is also required to do so.

Victor, an acquaintance

Victor is a sly fellow, and he knows an unusual opportunity when he sees it. [You might be able to recruit this acquaintance as a follower.]

- Acquaintance description

Aspects: Acquaintance, Mortal


Victor, a believer

Victor is a sly fellow, but loyal.

- Believer description

Aspects: Mortal, Follower, Edge 2


Victor, a disciple

Victor has sharpened his cunning to a concentrated point.

- Disciple description

Aspects: Mortal, Potential, Edge 5, Follower, Disciple


Victor, an Assassin

Victor likes to become acquainted with his subjects, so he can apologise to them personally, just before the end.

- Exalt description

Aspects: Mortal, Edge 10, Exalted, Follower, Disciple



Victor is ready for what may come. All his knives are keen as new soldiers.

- Rival description

Aspects: A Rival's Ascension 2, Mortal, Maverick, Suspicious



Victor's eyes are wells of rage.

- Prisoner description

Aspects: Mortal, Heart 3, Lantern 3, Prisoner, Grail 3, Edge 5



Victor can be romanced at The Ecdysis Club.

If I'm thinking of beginning a dalliance, then really, this is the place. If I and my companion share the same sensibilities.

- Invitation description

Victor winks. 'Yes, let's. My sister used to like the Club. I've been looking for a chance to go back.'

- Followup description

Above table level, Victor is a perfect gentleman. The hand he keeps above the table is placed palm upwards. A moth lands on the outstretched palm: he closes his hand to crush it. 'Good memories,' he says. 'Let's go.'

- Success description

Victor always brings me a single rose. He always hesitates when he hands it to me. He never shows any hesitation afterward.

- Season description


Ever After

Our evenings together are elegant things. The sweep of the stairwell all glittered with gold. The sighs of the audience close to the stage. The chink of our knives, further back, through fillet. We often run into his sister, whose tastes mirror our own. But when we are alone again, he lavishes his gaze on me. He offers kisses, caresses, caramel. We are happy, I think. [This might be considered a victory. But the House is no place for lovers.]

- End description