Violet is a Winter Follower. She is kind yet remorseless, and has no qualms about hastening the end for her victims. She is surprisingly passionate when romanced.

One may engage in a romantic relationship with Violet if she is spoken to and The Ecdysis Club is chosen as the subject of discussion. Temptation: Sensation or any of its forms (ex., Desire: Sensation) is also required to do so.

Violet, an acquaintance

Violet has always given unstintingly of her time, easing the pain of the dying. [You might be able to recruit this acquaintance as a follower.]

- Acquaintance description

Aspects: Acquaintance, Mortal


Violet, a believer

Violet likes to paint. She has a gift, although she's always been very modest about it. She never puts human figures in her paintings. There are enough people in the world.

- Believer description

Aspects: Mortal, Follower, Winter 2


Violet, a disciple

Violet is always very careful.

- Disciple description

Aspects: Mortal, Potential, Winter 5, Follower, Disciple


A kindly-faced woman, who is silent

Sleep, now. Don't worry about a thing.

- Exalt description

Aspects: Mortal, Winter 10, Exalted, Follower, Disciple



Violet has found new hobbies.

- Rival description

Aspects: A Rival's Ascension 2, Mortal, Maverick, Suspicious



Violet insists that she's fine. She's fine.

- Prisoner description

Aspects: Mortal, Heart 3, Lantern 3, Prisoner, Grail 3, Winter 5



Violet can be romanced at The Ecdysis Club.

If I'm thinking of beginning a dalliance, then really, this is the place. If I and my companion share the same sensibilities.

- Invitation description

Violet chuckles. The chuckle becomes a delighted cackle, which ends in coughs. She recovers, and places a finger under my chin, to look directly into my eyes. 'Oh, yes,' she says.

- Followup description

Violet has, somehow, arranged herself against and across me, and begun to bestow melting kisses like momentary snowflakes. 'I'm not going to wait,' she warns me. 'Take me home if you know what's good for you.'

- Success description

Violet's enthusiasms are depthless as a dark well. There's something remorseless about her pleasures, but she never once causes any lasting pain.

- Season description


Ever After

The house is alive with candles. But they never last that long. She lies with me in the guttering dark, as our windows frost with breath, with ice, with the silence of the night. One by one we douse the flames and listen to the sound of nothingness, clasped in each other's arms. [This might be considered a victory. But the House is no place for lovers.]

- End description