Ysabet is a Moth Follower. She is chaotic, whimsical, and easily distracted, but she is seemingly always where she should be. While she doesn't seem to resonate particularly strongly with any Moth aspect Hour, due to her connection to The Moth's chaos her behavior can only be described as "the things an Ysabet does."

One may engage in a romantic relationship with Ysabet if she is spoken to and The Ecdysis Club is chosen as the subject of discussion. Temptation: Change or any of its forms (ex., Change: Leaf) is also required to do so.

Ysabet, an acquaintance

Ysabet has always been most comfortable by moonlight. She has excellent night vision. She is often overlooked in daylight.[You might be able to recruit this acquaintance as a follower.]

- Acquaintance description

Aspects: Acquaintance, Mortal


Ysabet, a believer

Ysabet sleeps in fits and starts. She rises at dusk to do the things an Ysabet does.

- Believer description

Aspects: Mortal, Follower, Moth 2


Ysabet, a disciple

Ysabet was just here, just a moment ago. Just here. Almost certainly.

- Disciple description

Aspects: Mortal, Potential, Moth 5, Follower, Disciple


Ysabet, a Skintwister

Ysabet never lies, now. She doesn't need to.

- Exalt description

Aspects: Mortal, Moth 10, Exalted, Follower, Disciple



Ysabet waits where she cannot be seen.

- Rival description

Aspects: A Rival's Ascension 2, Mortal, Maverick, Suspicious



If Ysabet is weeping, she does so with dry eyes.

- Prisoner description

Aspects: Mortal, Moth 5, Heart 3, Lantern 3, Prisoner, Grail 3



Ysabet can be romanced at The Ecdysis Club.

My companion's breath comes short as they watch the display on the stage; not particularly when the bodies of the performers are unsheathed, but most of all when certain transformations are manifested.

- Invitation description

Ysabet tilts her head reflectively. 'I might do,' she says. She hesitates for a batwing's beat. 'That would be gorgeous,' she adds.

- Followup description

Ysabet applauds enthusiastically at the end of every performance. With each cocktail she drinks, her applause grows more vigorous. After our first kiss, she leans back, considers me, and begins, once more, to applaud.

- Success description

Ysabet moves so quickly, and with such subtlety, she never seems quite to be in one place. But, somehow, she's always where she should be.

- Season description


Ever After

Our lives are rich, chaotic days. I note appointments in her diary several hours before we're due to meet, but still she is rarely on time. I lie in bed, awaiting her, only to wake in the early dawn as she slides, cold, beside me. But her smile is warm against my neck. Her eyes are hot with love for me. Our house is home to fluttering things, and she must beat her wings. [This might be considered a victory. But the House is no place for lovers.]

- End description