'Janus is the god that rose not, but reigns. Janus is the saint that died not, but is dead. Janus is the door between what cannot be, and what must be.'

- Janus' Savor

Who (or what) is Janus? The name appears sporadically in Cultist Simulator in association with various other figures and events, but the actual identity and purpose of Janus remains a mystery. Are they another title for one of the Hours, a representation of a group of them, or some other being entirely? Does he even exist? These questions and more pervade throughout Cultist Simulator.



Appearances in Cultist Simulator

'Janus is the Gatekeeper, the twin-god, the god that wounds, the presager of changes, the sun, the moon....'

- Read the Locksmith's Dream: Stolen Reflections


Real World References

In our own History, Janus is a two-faced Roman god of doorways, beginnings, endings, and crossroads. While direct mentions of Janus in Cultist Simulator initially seem rather limited, exploration of various myths and historical references that serve as inspiration for the game indicate a much larger role for him than it initially appears.

Theories and Questions

'Riddles tend to expand, puzzles tend to resolve.'

- Discuss The Locksmith's Dream: Volume 4

There is fervent speculation regarding who Janus is and what purpose he serves in the Cultist Simulator universe. Among the most popular theories are the following: