The Origins of Hours






The Hours of Cultist Simulator are frequently categorized by occultists in the Secret Histories Universe based on the circumstances surrounding their birth and ascension into the Mansus. These origins help to identify elements of an Hour’s nature and their relationship with others.

There are five known origins for Hours; gods-from-stone, gods-from-Light, gods-from-flesh, gods-from-blood, and gods-from-Nowhere.[1]



'The Mansus was different before the first god came from Light, but never doubt it existed, even then.'

- The Origins of Hours (book)

The gods-from-Light are the Hours which descended from the Glory. The arrival of the first gods-from-Light, assumed to be the Sun-in-Splendour and the Forge of Days, fundamentally changed the Mansus, as the Forge reshaped and opened the ways into the House, while the Sun-in-Splendour became its supreme ruler.[2] The other gods-from-Light include the Flowermaker and the Solar Hours born of the Intercalate; the Sun-in-Rags, the Madrugad, and the Meniscate.

Common elements of the gods-from-Light include the following:


'Before the Gods-who-were-flesh, the Mansus was forbidden to mortals'

- The Stag Door

The gods-from-flesh are Hours who were once mortal. Since the Lithomachy, when humanity forced its way into the Mansus, a number of mortals have ascended, and now the gods-from-flesh are by far the largest category of Hours which dwell in the House of the Sun.[5] While most of them are confirmed to have been humans, it is hinted that other beings are able to ascend as well. The known gods-from-flesh are the Watchman, the Colonel, the Mother of Ants, the Ring-Yew, the Witch-and-Sister, the Sister-and-Witch, the Thunderskin, the Vagabond, the Beachcomber, and the Lionsmith.

Common elements of the gods-from-flesh include the following:


'The Gods-who-were-stone, the first of the Hours, are almost all gone now, but here their voices remain: Wheel, Flint, Tide, the others without names.'

- The Temple of the Wheel

The gods-from-stone are the old Hours which once ruled the Mansus. The exact details of how they came to be in the first place is a mystery, as they are too old for any to remember their beginnings. The six gods-from-stone mentioned in Cultist Simulator are the Horned Axe, the Wheel, the Flint, the Tide, the Seven-Coils, and the Egg Unhatching. Of these six, only the Horned Axe remains, the rest slain in the Lithomachy and replaced by newer Hours.[6][7]

Common elements of the gods-from-stone include the following:


'It has been claimed that Grail was born from the first sacrifice. But Moth knows better.'

- Subvert Grail Lore

The gods-from-blood are Hours born from sacrifice. The details and requirements for their birth are uncertain, but can range from sacrifices performed by mortals, as implied for the Moth and the Grail, to sacrifices by the other Hours, as occurred with the Wolf Divided during the Intercalate. The known gods-from-blood are the Moth, the Red Grail, the Velvet, and the Wolf Divided, though other Hours are suggested to be gods-from-blood as well, such as the Sun-in-Rags.

Common elements of the gods-from-blood include the following:


'All the gods-from-Nowhere, like the Growth, are especially menacing out-of-context things.'

- The Crowned Growth, and How it Became

The Gods-from-Nowhere are mysterious Hours who originate from Nowhere, which is said to have always contained them.[10] This could mean that they are in fact as old as the gods-from-stone, if not older. The known gods-from-Nowhere are the Crowned Growth, the Mare-in-the-Tree, the Applebright, the Rising Spider, and the Witness.

While information about the Nowhere Hours is scarce, they do have these common elements:

Other Notes

While most Hours are confirmed to fit into a single origin, notable points of contention and overlap exist. This may in part be due to the origins of the Hours reflecting both their birth as well as the circumstances of their ascension. Hours with unclear or more complicated origins are listed below:

In-Game Sources

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