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My ultimate aim. There will be a price.

Desire is an Aspect which appears on certain cards, signifying that they are part of victory conditions. See Endgame conditions for more details. All Temptations (and further upgrades) have the Desire aspect, as does the Sealed Bureau File.

Desire cards are automatically grabbed during Season of Ambitions. Following its demands leads you to victory.

A correct Desire card is required when starting a romance with a follower.

In Apostle legacies, you receive a Mentor instead of Desire.



Temptations are cards with Desire 1. They are the beginning which guides you to the path of a Cultist and your ultimate aim. The Sealed Bureau File is a wrapper around the Temptation of the previous game, which you'll be inheriting.

As the name imply, it's still a temptation and can be resisted or changed to other Temptation (there are exceptions).


Dedications are cards with Desire 2. You're set on this path with no way of changing it.


Ascensions are cards with Desire 3 or more. You've begun working on your ascension. Certain conditions must be met in order for you to ascend.


The three basic Temptations are easily interchangeable.

Temptation: Enlightenment

Temptation: Power

Temptation: Sensation


Temptation: Change

Can be obtained by:

Starting the game with the Dancer legacy.

Talking about your Temptation with Sulochana Amavasya, but you need to have Power or Sensation Temptation.

Dreaming on Temptation: Change will turn it into Temptation: Sensation.

Dancing in the Ecdysis Club with this as a Purpose and at least 4 Heart or Moth will create a Garments, Surrendered card, which will be consumed in the Season of Ambitions and advance this to Change: Leaf.

Temptation: Remembrance

Can be obtained by starting the game with the Medium? legacy.

Cannot be changed to other Temptations.

Upgrade it to Dedication: Remembrance by studying Formula: Elixir Zeboim? with it, a Human Corpse and 1 Funds.


The Priest legacy doesn't have a usual Desire card. Instead, 7 Lock-Scars are required to achieve a Threshold victory.

Temptation: Escape

The Exile legacy starts with this.

Temptation: Defiance

The Exile legacy can gain this by Employing a Sacred Weapon or Lore.