The Stag Door

'The ascent is slow. Winds from nowhere pluck at me. My skin is stained with light. The Wood shivers with motion, far below.'

'In my dreams, I've found the way to the Stag Door, sometimes called the Horn Gate or the Adept's Door. I have answered its riddle, and am counted among the Know'

- Entry Text

You can reach the Stag Door by Dreaming with Way: The White Door and your Desire. However, upon reaching the Stag Door, you will be posed with the Stag Door's Riddle. Only once you answer the riddle correctly will you receive Way: Through the Stag Door.

The Stag Door, also known as the Horn Gate, the Hunter's Gate, and the Adept's Door, bars entry into the lower chambers of the House.[14] It is a ridged barrier of bloody horn, bearing scars from when humanity rebelled and forced entry into the Mansus.[15][16] The golden head of the Name Ghirbi watches over the Gate, and to pass one must answer his riddle.[17] It is one of the two Doors (the other one being the White Door) that is reachable directly from the Bounds.[10] The Forest Key held by Medusa also opens this Gate.

Notable Locations

In-Game Sources

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