The White Door/Gate

'In my dreams, I've passed the white door, which has been called the Bone Door and the Gate of Ivory. My voice remains outside the House each time I enter.'

- Entry Text

Way: The White Door can be reached by Dreaming with Way: The Wood and a Lore Fragment with Knock, Lantern, or Winter 4 or higher.

The White Door, also known as the Gate of Ivory, or the Bone Door.[5] Those who pass the White Door lose their voice, their mouths sealed like a healing wound.[6] Through this door many of the Dead pass into the House, wandering in silence until lost.[7] Despite being one of the proper Mansus-Doors, the White Door and the area around it seems like an "outskirt" of the House, as the entrance is not restricted in any way (in contrast to all other Doors), and whoever passes it is not considered a true adept until they enter the Stag Door. The Ligeian Morgen holds St. David's Key, which when encased in ivory opens the White Door. When encased in black sapphire this key may also open the Summit Gate, to the House of the Moon.

Notable Locations

In-Game Sources

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