The Worms

'They came from Nowhere, and if they complete their work, the Mansus will be Nowhere, one day.'

- 'The Worm Museum'

The Worms are native inhabitants of Nowhere. There they feast upon and breed inside the bodies of dead Hours[1], though they are always eager to leave and expand their feeding grounds[2]. The Worms enter the Wake where the skin of the world is thinned[3], and then enter mortals (and perhaps not only mortals) through the spaces in their skin.[4] Their insatiability poses an existential threat to reality, for it is said "if they complete their work, the Mansus will be Nowhere, one day."[5]

Captive Worms, "always dying, never dead", are kept prisoner in the Worm Museum, accessible via the Peacock Door and guarded by the Colonel. They are usually unseen in the Wake - presented only as a subtle movement at the edge of sight[6] - but more visible in dreams, said to be "smooth and dark like jewels" with significantly variable size.[5]


Worm Wars

Prior to the Intercalate, Worms are implied to have simply been a natural (if hazardous) byproduct of Hours' deaths, much like mundane decomposers in the Wake.[7] However, the death of the Sun-in-Splendour resulted in the Worm population multiplying out of control[5], resulted in the three Worm Wars against the Mansus and the Wake: the First Worm War in the sixteenth century, the Second Worm War in the eighteenth, and the Third being too recent to pass in the Histories (likely in the twentieth or late nineteenth century).[8] It is unclear, however, what level of sapience Worms possess, and thus how much of a "real" war those were.[9]


First Worm War

The First Worm War began in the late 16th century, most likely at some point after 1582, when the Intercalate enabled the breeding of Worms in threatening numbers. While the Worms were defeated in this conflict (if at great cost), they escaped extermination after learning how to move between the Histories.[10] Remnants of this war still exist, as evidenced by the Watch-Worms.[1]

The order of immortal-hunters known as the Tragulari may have fought in the First Worm War. Although their ranks were purged by the order known as the Troissaint Company after the war's end, the Dartsmen still live in certain Histories.[11]

Second Worm War

The Second Worm War began in the 18th century, and saw the Worms overran Europe in the Third History, most notably taking Vienna.[5][12]

The Great Writhing was likely a Worm incursion that befell France during the Second Worm War, specifically in 1776. Louis XVI called for an elaborate and decadent masque to be held at Versailles; a kind of safeguard against the Worms, who were now numerous and strong enough to walk the streets of Paris in broad daylight. Long were in attendance of this masque, some of whom were fleeing the Worms’ invasion of Europe. Interestingly, Louis XVI also went as far as to forbid mentioning the Great Writhing within Versailles, implying that merely speaking of Worms poses danger.[13]

It was supposedly during the Second Worm War that Worms learned to inhabit and control humans, which was central to their victories during this time.

Third Worm War

Little is known about this war, as it is “too recent to have passed into the Histories”. The Third Worm War may refer to the Great War, which is recent when considering the 1920s timeframe in which Cultist Simulator takes place.[5]

Other Notes

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