'Cunning may answer Strength, Strength may answer Cunning, but how might we answer Agony?'

- A Mark of Defiance

Edge is one of the Principles of the invisible arts. It is the violence of battle, the aspect of cunning and strength, and in some instances, of pain.


Themes and Imagery

'When our ancestors forged swords, taught the arts of martial movement, spoke curses on the eve of battle - all these things shared certain patterns.'

- A Knife's Secret

Edge is commonly associated with conflict and strife, as well as all that entails and surrounds violence such as war, murder or bloodlust. It can be used to summon various spirits - commonly of a more violent vein,[1][2] murder or assassinate targets,[3] or overcome hostile encounters.[4] It is also the primary aspect for all weapons or tools of violence, such as guns,[5] though knives in particular are especially significant to Edge.

Notably, Edge seems to be an principle associated with the opposition to Worms, given that the two of the three main Edge Hours take action against Worms; the Lionsmith is said to crush them,[6] and the Colonel guards the Worm Museum, so as to not let the Worms there escape.[7]



'My service ends in death, or in the resolution of strengths.'

- Exaltation to Assassin

The principal element of an Edge ascension is the Corrivality - an eternal conflict between the Edge Hours, and their corresponding servants/followers. In order to achieve immortality under the mantle of an Edge Hour, one must become involved in this Corrivality in a manner of enough significance to be noticed and vouched for by the Hour in question, "locking" yourself into the World's processes of strife.[8][9][10] Due to the nature of a necessity for an adversary in order to achieve Corrivality, most Edge Long ascend in pairs called "Edge dyads", in which both participants ascend under their respective Hour (not necessarily a different one)[11] to continue their rivalry in Longhood.[10] The Horned-Axe attempts to prevent the ascension of these Edge dyads, since she 'prefers separation' while the dyads are a union.[12]


'I've shattered what was shaped.'

- Force Conquers All

In Cultist Simulator, Edge subverts Forge. As the Lionsmith learned when shattering his sword before the Colonel, all things can be overcome with sufficient force.[13] The transformation of the Forge first requires destruction, and Edge is a power which may facilitate that destruction.

Edge itself is subverted by Winter[14], in a process reminiscent of the Colonel in his struggle with the Lionsmith, of patience overcoming strength[15] (or possibly the Horned-Axe's opposition to the Edge Principle in general). It also reflects the inevitable conclusion of conflict – death.


The Hours

'The Colonel and the Lionsmith are gods-who-were-flesh, but the Wolf-Divided is a god-who-was-blood. Cunning, Strength and Agony are the three roots of victory, and here is their secret doctrine....'

- The Mysteries of Force

Other Entities and Followers

'Where warriors fall, the many-winged striges gather to honour their flesh. Where heroes fall, the Many-Winged Ones gather to convey their souls before the Hours.'

- An Operation of the Strix'

Other Notes

In-Game Sources

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