'Break a thing, and you have fragments. Break those fragments, and you have dust. Break the dust, and then break what remains. Here is fire.'

- Formula Fissive

Forge is one of the Principles of the invisible arts, named after the Forge of Days herself. It is the fire that destroys and transforms, an aspect of invention, industry, and power.


Themes and Imagery

'In five continents, smiths have whispered the same words to the iron. Murderers have been known to whisper these words, too. And adepts, of course. These words are spoken in ritual to inspire an unmerciful Change.'

- A Smith's Secret

The uses and powers of Forge are best represented through its most obvious symbol, fire.[1] Fire is powerful, dangerous, and destructive, yet it also can be used as a tool in the right hands, to create and reshape. Forge also has association with nobility, wealth, and other expressions of power.[2] Murderers and rebels are also known to make use of the destructive change of this aspect.[3]

The Principle of Forge has many practical applications: crafting and repairing items, applying skill and knowledge to complicated tasks, and strengthening both the mind and body in harsh circumstances.[4][5][6] Still, one must always be careful when calling upon the power of Forge, or risk being consumed.

Another key element of Forge is the practice of Alchemy. A number of alchemical processes and items are directly linked to the aspect and specific Hours.[7][8]



'I have been in the flame so many times. The plates of my flesh grate one against another. I conjure now the heat of the Forge, which will sear from me what I was. I will die as I pass the Tricuspid Gate, but death is not the end. I will be immortal: a Long, favoured of the Forge.'

- The Conflagration of the Heart

The Forge of Days herself is the primary sponsor to those who seek to become Forge-Long and attain great power.[9] This process like many other ascensions, requires one to attain seven Marks and invoke a significant intensity of the aspect before their patron Hour, granting them the right to pass the Tricuspid Gate and become immortal.[10] To rise even further, one must perform a Great Work and bring about destructive change on a massive scale, as seen in the Apostle Aestuant Legacy.[11]


'There are arts in Forge which may split even the sun.'

- Sunset at Noon

In Cultist Simulator, Forge subverts Lantern, as the Forge of Days was responsible for dividing the Sun-in-Splendour in the Intercalate.[12] Light dissipates to heat, and knowledge is taken to be used in practical applications.

Forge itself is subverted by Edge. As the Lionsmith learned when shattering his sword before the Colonel, all things can be overcome with sufficient force.[13] The transformation of the Forge first requires destruction, and Edge is a power which may facilitate that destruction.


The Hours

'The Forge of Days, the Meniscate and the Madrugad are gods-from-Light. Mercury, silver and gold are the seeds of the Work, and here is their secret doctrine....'

- Mysteries of Making

Other Entities and Followers

'Their 'Endeavour' was no less noble - a furious arcane conflagration which would refine them into something more than human. But such transformations are rare, and they often ended, less nobly, in ashes.'

- Read 'The Irreproachable Traditions of the Society of the Noble Endeavour'

Other Notes

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