'We must devour to be devoured. We cannot be undevoured, as we cannot be unborn.'

- The Orchid Transfigurations, Vol. 1

Grail is one of the Principles of the invisible arts, named after the Red Grail herself. It presides of all forms of hunger, thirst, and sensation, and is also the aspect of birth and blood.


Themes and Imagery

'Some words are spelt correctly only when the proper ink is used.'

- A Red Secret

Grail is built around the concept of "pleasure" - although definitions of it may vary from one Grail Hour to another. The core elements of it are intense carnal sensations, such as feasting and various sexual activities, and also certain kinds of pain; childbirth and hunger hold a special place here since they are experiences in which pleasure and pain are intrinsically linked.[1][2] Other approaches present pleasure in its less bodily forms - as pleasant thoughts and dreams,[3] as following forbidden desires,[2] and even as obtaining worldly possessions. Accordingly, those affined with Grail are proficient in (over)indulging themselves, and also in persuading others to (over)indulge;[4] in raising hungers and pains,[5] and in quenching or dulling or sweetening them.[6][7][8]

Sacrifice is another prominent theme. Sometimes it's limited to a self-destructive behaviour such as in drug usage and overindulgence.[9][10] Other cases are giving away a part of yourself, metaphorically or literally, for a pleasure of another - such as in self-denying relationships, motherhood, and, at its extreme, in cannibalism.[11][12]

Notably, the Crime of the Sky appears to be an epitome of all the Grail's themes - forbidden, painful, and self-destructive; both sex- and birth-related; a feast driven by an unstoppable, insufferable hunger. While it is never directly described as a Grail-act (except being mentioned as fulfilling the Red Grail's enactments) and immortals of any Principle are subjects to it, such closeness raises a natural suspicion.



'I am swollen with the lives of others. The seams of my body begin to rupture. Now I invoke the Red Grail, who is the Mother of Mountains, who Consumes, who is the Source. In Her Name I will give birth to myself. The Tricuspid Gate opens. I will be immortal: a Long, favoured of the Grail.'

- The Feast of the True Birth

The standard method of ascension for Grail, like many others, involves the gathering of seven Marks before performing a grand ritual under a specific Hours to pass the Tricuspid Gate and become a Long.[9] They pursue the Grail aspect, discover new pleasures and evolve their body to achieve immortality.


'What does not cease will succumb, at last, to temptation.'

- Subvert The Lore Unceasing

In Cultist Simulator, Grail subverts Heart, for the Heart is Blood’s Drum, as life succumbs to hunger and desire [13]. The Thunderskin itself was once a Name of the Red Grail, who orchestrated his sacrifice and ascension in part to challenge the Twins for dominion over the aspect. The Twins also served the Red Grail before growing too powerful.[14]

Grail itself is subverted by Moth. Both aspects have a connection to yearning and desire in some form, though the urges of Moth are often more primal and fundamental than those of Grail. The cycle of subversion also focuses on the dispute regarding who the first god-from-blood is, the Moth or the Red Grail.[15]


The Hours

'The Grail was the first god-who-was-blood. The Flowermaker came from Light. The Beach-Crow was flesh. Hunger and Greed and Yearning are the matrix of appetite, and here is their secret doctrine....'

- The Devouring Mysteries

Other Entities and Followers

'I saw the Red Church again last night, with its pews of bone, the stained glass in shades of ruby, the golden altar that beats like a heart. That night the Names of the Grail gathered to speak of those Long who've sworn off the pleasures of the bedchamber - save between man and man, or woman and woman....'

- A Dream of the Red Church

Other Notes

In-Game Sources

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