'Seven were the wounds of His body, seven the doors of the House. Seven the lesser aspects of the Hours, and Knock the aspect above all....'

- Read 'The Gospel of Zachaeus'

Knock is one the Principles of the invisible arts. It is focused on the opening of doors both physical and spiritual, the revealing of secrets, and the summoning of supernatural entities. Knock often acts as a facilitator and intermediary for the other aspects.[1]


Themes and Imagery

'Sooner or later, every locksmith has the Dream. Now we recite its seven phases....'

- A Locksmith's Secret

The symbols of Knock almost entirely revolve around the openings of things: the opening of doors, the opening of the body, the opening of the mind. As such, keys, wounds, and dreams all have significant meaning to the Principle.[2] Serpents are also tied to Knock through the Mother of Ants and the Great Hooded Princes, as "the visitors which may not be denied".[3]

The most common application of Knock is in the summoning of spirits, which usually requires the aspect to open the path between the Mansus and the Wake.[4] It may also be used for uncovering hidden objects and paths, or unlocking doors and avoiding obstacles, making it a useful aspect for thieves and smugglers.[5][6][7]

Though seven is used as a recurring number throughout the Secret Histories universe, it has particular significance to Knock.



'Knock and Ye Shall Be Opened'

- To Become a Threshold

In the Priest Legacy of Cultist Simulator, the player can ascend through the aspect of Knock and the grace of the Mother of Ants, also called St. Agnes.[12] Rather than pursue their own temptation, the Priest seeks to facilitate the ascension of their congregation. This is done by taking on seven lock-scars, one for each of the other standard Principles, and opening oneself in a grand ritual to become a Threshold into the Mansus.[13][14]

In the Fifth History, however, the player transforms into a shape reminiscent of the Great Hooded Princes.[15] This suggests that the Princes went through a similar ascension themselves, which also allowed them to escape their demise in the Fifth History.[16] It is unknown if there are other Knock-Long who have ascended through different means.


'When we open a thing, then we learn its nature.'

- All Shall Be Opened

Knock is unique in that is subverts all other Principles, excluding Secret Histories, and is not subverted by any of them.[17] This is likely because the purpose of most occult knowledge ultimately is to allow one to ascend the Mansus. Such power is thus a key, a means of opening the way. For this reason, Knock may be considered the “greatest” of the aspects, or at least the most fundamental.


The Hours

'The Mother of Ants is the child of two rivers. The Horned-Axe is the last god-from-Stone. The Meniscate was born in the Moon from Light. The Wound and the Threshold and the Revelation are all the Gate's aspects, and here is their secret doctrine....'

- Mysteries of Opening

Other Entities and Followers

'The Great Hooded Princes are described as having 'escaped from the history of their death to a history where they yet live'. The text claims that there are now one hundred and eight of them, but - in one of many instances of twinnedness - before they crossed from their death chronicle, there were only fifty-four.'

'Read ‘The Twin-Serpent Tantra'

Other Notes

In-Game Sources

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