'There is a light behind the world, a light above the Mansus, a light that penetrates both glass and skin. It is present here.'

- A Consciousness of Radiance

Lantern is one of the Principles of the invisible arts. It is the merciless aspect of the Glory and the gods-from-Light, associated with truth, light, and reason.


Themes and Imagery

'It has been expressed like this: 'Each Hour has its colour, but colour exists only where there is light.'

- A Watchman's Secret

The Glory, the Sun, and Light are the most prominent themes of Lantern, as symbols for knowledge and illumination.[1] It is also associated with mirrors, dreams, sight, and language.[2][3][4]

The Light of Lantern is often characterized as cold and harsh, capable of revealing truths and uncovering secrets or warding against dark powers,[5][6] but also driving people mad or consuming their minds.[7] Mercy is found only in shadow, and light has the power to both illuminate as well as blind.[8]



'Little of this flesh remains. I will pass through the Tricuspid Gate and I will not return. The Watchman awaits me. In His footsteps, I will find the Glory's light. The understanding is too much for my soul to hold, and so my soul will open. I will not be immortal: I will be more than that.'

- The Incursus

The standard method of ascension for Lantern, like many others, involves the gathering of seven Marks before performing a grand ritual under a specific Hours to pass the Tricuspid Gate and become a Long.[9] In Cultist Simulator the Watchman oversees the path of Enlightenment and is assumed to be the primary patron for Lantern-Long since the Intercalate [10]. Those who ascend further under him hope to become a part of the Pilgrimage, a prophesied event in which the Watchman will lead seven souls to rise higher. This event will likely serve as a prelude to the Second Dawn and the return of the Sun-in-Splendour.[11][12]

Uniquely, Long who ascend under the Watchman, and perhaps other Lantern Hours, surrender their physical forms and now dwell in the Mansus. These Lantern-Long are considered by some to actually be minor Names.[13]


'The Glory is a question, and Moth always answers Yes.'

- The Light Above

In Cultist Simulator, Lantern subverts Moth, the aspect of chaos and passion.[14] This reflects the Hour of the Moth’s yearning for the Glory, as well as the light of reason and higher thought overtaking base instinct.

Lantern itself is subverted by Forge, as the Forge of Days was responsible for dividing the Sun-in-Splendour in the Intercalate.[15][16] Light dissipates to heat, and knowledge is taken to be used in practical applications.


The Hours

'The Meniscate, the Madrugad, the Flowermaker and the Forge of Days are the gods-from-Light. There is a fifth, but now we know it is not the Watchman. Yet the Watchman shares a secret doctrine with those five, and here is that doctrine....'

- Illuminate Mysteries

Other Entities and Followers

'The virgins/maidens of the mirror favour orchids. The [behindlings?] favour the rhododendron. Cut flowers of either nature should not be placed before polished bronze.'

- Read Poemander's 'On What is Contained by Silver'

Other Notes

In-Game Sources

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