'The White is west of the world, and Winter does not wait forever.'

- Travelling at Night, Volume 2

Winter is one of the Principles of the invisible arts. It is the silence that comes and the cold that ends, the aspect which presides over all that has been lost, and what may yet return.


Themes and Imagery

'Certain knowledge, it is said, can be expressed only through the particular quality of a silence. It has been suggested that one can only read such knowledge with one's eyes closed, but only by mischievous commentators.'

- A Sexton's Secret

Winter is most often associated with the dying and the dead, as well as silence, cold, and the season of winter itself. It can be used to summon the dead,[1] fill enemies with dread and despair,[2] and bring about destruction.[3] Less malicious applications include warding against dangerous spirits and curses or resisting the effects of extreme cold.[4][5] It is also one of the aspects often connected to Nowhere, the realm of the dead and the lost, and is one of the aspects closest to Worms.[6]

The number nine is frequently referenced as a recurring number for Winter. It is the number and hour of the Elegiast, though nine also has significance to the Principle in general:



'Being a Winter-long is more like a fixed-rate mortgage than a variable-rate mortgage: that is to say, the Winter-long have made an arrangement that defer their end, but they’ve also fixed the date of that end.'

- Inquisition to the Demiurge

Those who seek immortality through the powers of Winter usually follow the Sun-in-Rags.[12] While the exact process is unknown, it likely mirrors other “standard” ascensions which require the gathering of Marks and eventually culminating in a grand ritual of Winter. In Cultist Simulator, however, the Winter Ascension can be performed with the patronage of the Elegiast in the Ghoul Legacy, which involves collecting and consuming the memories of the dead to create the Palest Painting, a memorial to the Dead Hours.[13]

Winter-Long have a unique form of immortality compared to other Long. [14] As part of their Ascension, a specific date is set for their death which cannot be avoided. Until then, they cannot be killed or destroyed. This is apparently because they have been brought from death in Nowhere back into the House by their patron. Passing through the Tricuspid Gate, a requirement for most to achieve immortality, is largely ceremonial for Winter-Long.


Patience defeats strength.'

All Things End

In Cultist Simulator, Winter subverts Edge,[15] in a process reminiscent of the Colonel in his struggle with the Lionsmith, of patience overcoming strength[16] (or possibly the Horned-Axe's opposition to the Edge Principle in general). It also reflects the inevitable conclusion of conflict – death.

Winter itself is subverted by Heart, and the two principles are often interpreted as opposites.[17] Winter is the aspect of death, silence, and stasis, while Heart embodies life, music, and motion. Though Winter may fall upon the earth, spring inevitably returns, as does life in the wake of death.


The Hours

'When the Forge is cold and the Glory is dark and the Wood is dust, perhaps the Wolf Divided will rest, but only until it can devour itself. This Word almost expresses the Divided One's hatred....'

- The Wolf-Word

Other Entities and Followers

'Wait in the white on the walls. Watch the sun slow. Chione walks the streets in silence. Her skirts are the wind. So white her surface. See what ceases in the storm.'

- The Nine-Year Vision

Other Notes

In-Game Sources

1. Summon one of the throng of the Dead? 2. Share a terribly mystery of the Ragged Lore 3. The End is Beautiful 4. We call upon the Elegiast, from whom nothing more can be taken 5. We call upon the Madrugad, who cannot be unbalanced 6. Read 'the Tantra of Worms' 7. Chione ay Abydos 8. Rite of the Beast's Division 9. A Consecration to the Colonel 10. Recruit an Acquaintance, by invoking Winter 11. Nine Colours Hinted 12. AMA 13. Temptation: Remembrance 14. Inquisitions for the Demiurge 15. All Things End 16. Respects the Colonel 17. The Life Beneath 18. The Elegiast's Name 19. 'Miss Naenia' 20. The Wolf's Name 21. Maid-in-the-Mirror 22. Mantra of Ascent 23. Read Poemander's 'On What is Contained by Silver' 24. Send a Maid-in-the-Mirror to lure a Witness 25. Voiceless Dead 26. Call on the Ring-Yew to raise a corpse to half-life 27. Call on the Cartographer of Scars to raise a corpse to half-life 28. The Six Letters on Necessity 29. Study Hersault's 'Introduction to Histories' 30. The White Library 31. J.C. 32. Children of Silence 33. Towers of the Dove