The Sovreigns of the Leashed Flame

The Sovereigns of the Leashed Flame were a council of Long who made a pact with the Forge of Days (who is also referred as St. Spark) to empower England with the shaping magics of heat and industry in the mid-15th century. A good portion of their number were descended from English royalty. They were sometimes referred to as the Children of the Leashed Flame and they based their incantations on the Deep Mandaic language.[1][2][3]



The Sovereigns of the Leashed Flame, possessing tremendous power thanks to their dealings with the Forge of Days, moved to conquer the entire European continent in 1450. That event came to be known as the War of the Roads. They were the aggressing party, in this sense. They found their conquests of Europe opposed by a coalition between the Church of the Unconquered Sun and the Sisterhood of the Knot. These joint defenses sometimes managed to keep the Sovereigns back, but casualties were always obscenely high for the enemies of England.[1][2]

The Sovereigns and the Forge of Days experienced a degradation in their relationship as the war dragged on. Eventually, the Sovereigns lost control of the Forge of Days and were obliterated.

Much later in history, the traditions and teachings of the Sovereigns inspired the creation of another occult order: the Society of the Noble Endeavour. The goal of this order was to ascend via amassment of occult power; to be reshaped into something beyond human by the magics of Forge. Members of this order would take on ceremonial names linked to noble tradition: 'Parsival', 'Roland', 'Oisín'.[4][5]


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