The Ligea Club

'The Law goes back all the way to Stone: the Keys cannot be held or owned. This had, I believe, the unexpected consequence that those outside the law may hold and own them. But even they cannot keep them.

- 'The Locksmith's Dream: Incursus'

The Ligeia Club is a club or sorority of Alukites, who each hold a Key, and who call each other ‘sisters’. There have always been seven Ligeians, though the Club has not always been called the Ligeia Club, and the members have not always been the same. It is very rare for all seven to meet in convocation, but it does happen. We know of at least one member - the one who held the Flaying Key when the Moth rose - who is no longer part of the club (because she was consumed by Marinette).[1] Individual Ligeians are described as ‘something like a person who does something like eat people’, ‘criminals and fugitives’, and are ‘cursed eternally because they devoured their children fresh from the womb.’[2][3] Physically they vary in their appearance, but when attacking the Exile, Echidna, Klêidouchos, Marinette and Sulochana are all described as ‘flapping nightmare[s] of teeth and webbed skin’.[4] This description is not applied to Morgen, Medusa or Rowena, due to the Exile not meeting with them in the same way as the others. However, it is likely that this description applies to all seven Ligeians and to alukites more broadly, allowing for oddities/additions like Medusa’s destructive gaze.[5]

Several members have specific sacrificial animals. Sometimes these sacrifices are necessary for their Key to occur, other times it seems like the Ligeians merely consider them ‘fitting’. Enigma also associates each Ligeian with an animal when describing their Key, this often lines up with their respective sacrificial animal found elsewhere, but not always.[6][7]


Current Members of the Club are:

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In-Game Sources

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