The Shadowless Empire / The Shadowless Kings

The Kings of the Shadowless Empire, or the Shadowless Kings, is an old line of kings versed in the invisible sciences, fixated on immortality. They ruled over Persia in the days of the Achaemenids in approximately 550 BCE, and their reign flourished up to the 5th century.[1] They were supposedly most powerful in the First History, regarded by some to be the “Greatest History”. In that, the Kings enlisted the service of a master soldier known as the Golden General, who was tutored in the ways of war by a deity known as the Scarred Man in “the land of the Perseids” (this land may very well be Mycenaean Greece - “Perseid” relating to the legend of Greek hero Perseus). Later, the Golden General would ascend to become the Hour known as the Lionsmith, abandoning both his mentor and the Shadowless Empire itself.[2] Despite his abandonment of allegiance, the Lionsmith continues to be invoked as a champion of the Shadowless Empire.[3]



Years after the Golden General returned to the Shadowless Empire after his education under the Colonel, the Perseid armies led by Alexander the Great attacked the Empire. They met Darius III, the King of Kings of the Shadowless Empire, at Issus at 333 BCE.

The Golden General initially refused to fight the Perseids, being tutored by their god, but was spurned to wrath by the King of Kings. Darius told the Golden General a secret of tremendous power and treacherous intent, which caused the Golden General to shatter his sword and ascend to become the Hour called the Lionsmith.[2][4] The newly-ascendant Lionsmith most likely obliterated the Perseid invaders after his apotheosis was complete, as they were the progeny of his now-nemesis, the Colonel.

It was at Issus that Darius told Alexander a most shattering and potent secret, such that the latter decided to end his conquest of the Shadowless Empire[5] The secret Darius imparted to Alexander was likely the same secret the King of Kings told the Golden General, and that is left by captain Welland to the Forge Apostle if he is defeated.[6]

The Shadowless Empire also warred with Rome, which was aligned with the Colonel. The armies of the Shadowless Kings were confounded time and again by the force known as the Unnumbered Legion, which is said to have received direction from the Colonel himself.[3] Despite the successful defenses of the Legion, Rome fell in the late 5th century, and Byzantium was incorporated into the folds of the Shadowless Empire.[1]

After the fall of Rome, the Shadowless Empire attempted to invade India, but were quite effectively repelled by the armies of the Hooded Princes. It was at this point that the power of the Shadowless Kings began to wane, as they were said to have struggled against the “unskinned armies” of the Princes. The Shadowless Empire’s decline began with their ill-fated attempt to conquer India. The Empire faced no looming existential threat, but this weakening appeared gradual and inevitable. They resorted to a set of incantations of uncertain power and intent to sustain the Empire, but it is likely that the Shadowless Kings never again reached the zenith of their power in the years following their Indian campaigns. Uncertainty in the narrative and original description of the 'True and Accurate History' mentioning 'the thousand-year ascendancy of the Shadowless Empire' (500 BCE - 500 CE) implies that in most Histories the Shadowless Empire likely ceased to exist.[1]


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