The Sisterhood of the Knot

The Sisterhood of the Knot was an occult organization largely governed by women, coming into existence at some point in ancient antiquity in Phrygia, which would become Turkey by the 1920s. It's described as "arcane-contemplative order that existed in all Histories, but in some was very powerful indeed". The Sisterhood revered the Hours called the Red Grail, the Ring-Yew, and The Horned Axe. Their symbol was a triple knot. Despite being called “The Sisterhood,” the organization entertained a number of male members, the most notable being Saint Tryphon and Saint Respicius.[1][2][3][4]



The Sisterhood of the Knot traces their origins back to a pact formed between the Red Grail, the Ring-Yew, and the Horned Axe. The Horned Axe was the last surviving god-from-stone, whose siblings were killed and replaced by the new Hours, including the Red Grail, during the Lithomachy. As restitution for these acts, the Red Grail sacrificed one of her Names, who also loved the Ring-Yew. This Name became the Thunderskin, ascending through the Peacock Door, and likely marked an end to hostilities between the Horned Axe and the other Hours. The three goddesses involved in the sacrifice went on to become the center of the Sisterhood's worship, though the Thunderskin is often acknowledge alongside them.

The Sisterhood, along with the Church of the Unconquered Sun, mounted a defense of the European continent against the invading armies of the Sovereigns of the Leashed Flame in the War of the Roads.[5] It was known to have at least two named fighting forces at their command: the Martyr-Soldiers and the Imperishable Legions (however it's possible that latter are the forces of the Unconquered Sun). The Sisterhood suffered a defeat of some kind at the hands of the Sovereigns of the Leashed Flame, as alluded to by “the Burning of the Martyrs”.[6]

The exact fate of the Sisterhood at large following the War of the Roads is unknown, but it is possible they dissolved as the Church of the Unconquered Sun did in the years following the Intercalate. Yet, the Congregation of St. Felix appears to hold a shrine to the Sisterhood still, with symbols of the Hours they worship.[7]


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