Burgeoning Risen

The growths of the Wood have encompassed the corpse's organs, swelled its skull like a gourd, twined around its heart. It eyes are moist with cunning, and it moves with jerky puppet grace. Its bones are rotten wood, and soon it will take root, but until then it will be a swift and subtle servant.

The Burgeoning Risen is a summon-able minion with a duration of 120 seconds. It requires at least 2 Moth, 4 Winter and A Human Corpse to summon. Its timer can be refreshed; to do so requires a ritual with the Burgeoning Risen itself, at least 4 Moth, and at least 4 Winter. Burgeoning Risen can protect against sickness.

''A Burgeoning Risen will not stay contained for long. But with enough Winter aspect, and enough Moth, I might keep my work stable a little longer. Or I might employ it to summon a greater spirit.''

- Text upon putting a Burgeoning Risen inside a Rite.

Both Burgeoning Risen and Shattered Risen are key to achieving a Variant Ending.