Maid in the Mirror

'The ascent is glass. The walls are knives. Each step is blood.' The Dead who rest before a new-cracked mirror, who pass through the Peacock Gate, who master the Sharp Stair: those Dead enter the service of the Sun-in-Rags.

The Maid-in-the-Mirror is a powerful spirit that can be summoned using a rite. She has a Winter aspect of 10 and a Edge aspect of 10, making her highly efficient at disposing of Hunters. She requires at least 2 Knock, 2 Edge, and 8 Winter to summon. When destroyed, the Maid-in-the-Mirror will leave behind A Chilly Atmosphere.

The Maid-in-the-Mirror now also has Lamp of Loss Aspect. Speaking to it with a Passion will give you the option to convert the Passion to a Decrepitude. This also provides you with the level 6 Moth lore, An Ecdysiast's Parable.

Note that due to her aspects, a Maid-in-the-Mirror can be used to easily summon another one.

Speaking to the Maid-in-the-Mirror about The Allure will produce The Witnesses and a Notoriety. If The Witnesses already exists, it will be grabbed and upgraded.