The Percussigant! It loves the sistrum's shiver, it loves the thrum of the tympanos, it recalls with fondness the flaying of Marsya, and so it will not will not will not stop dancing.

TThe Percussigant is a summon-able minion with a duration of 180 seconds. It requires at least 2 Knock, 2 Edge and 6 Heart to summon. When destroyed, the Percussigant will leave behind Trembling Airs.

Speaking to Percussigant:

With a Reason will give you the Thresher of Thoughts option, which will convert the Reason to a Decrepitude and provide you with the level 6 Knock lore, A Consent of Wounds.

With a Health to "request a Stay of Execution." This creates A Stay of Execution card that prevents sickness from killing you if you have no health left.

The Percussigant is useful to have on expeditions, due to the ubiquity of the Guardian and Curse obstacles, which can almost always be defeated using Edge and Heart, respectively.

If an enemy Long raises a Dry Soul Curse against you, you may defeat it with a Percussigant, but the Long will gain more power in your dreams.