Raw Prophet

Sometimes it divides, sometimes it unites, sometimes she speaks words of warning, sometimes he advises on appetite. Its prophesies are confusion, their whispers confound.

The Raw Prophet is a summon-able minion with a duration of 180 seconds. It requires at least 2 Knock, 6 Grail and 2 Moth to summon. When destroyed, the Raw Prophet will leave behind An Awareness of Appetite.

Speaking to Raw Prophet with a Reason will give you the Thresher of Thoughts option, which will convert the Reason to a Decrepitude and provide you with the level 6 Knock lore, A Consent of Wounds.

Speaking to Raw Prophet with Health will give you A Stay of Execution, an element that prevents illness for 600s.

The Raw Prophet is useful for getting rid of Tentative Evidence and Damning Evidence. It is very easily summoned due to the abundance of Moth Influences, especially Fascination.