The Mother of Ants

'We call upon the Mother of Ants,

who encircles; who opens; who arises from wounds' [1]

The Mother of Ants is one of the oldest Gods-From-Flesh, who helped humanity force their way into the upper levels of the Mansus. She was the priestess who helped scar and blind the Colonel to protect him from the Seven-Coils, which he then slew. The priestess then arose from the blood of the dead god-from-Stone as a “seven-titled goddess” who now opens the way for others.[2][3][4] Her aspect is Knock[4] and her hour is 5 a.m.



The Lithomachy: The Mother of Ants played a key role in the overthrow of the gods-from-Stone and in the death of the Seven-Coils in particular, opening the Mansus to mankind.[2][3]

Escape of the Great Hooded Princes: The Great Hooded Princes of the Fifth History escaped their deaths in that history by fleeing to another with the aid of the Mother of Ants, “whose children they had been”.[5][6]




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