The Colonel

'We call upon the Colonel, who is blind; who is scarred; who cannot be denied' [1]

The Colonel is a fierce, patient, and cunning Hour, who took part in the Lithomachy and helped open the Mansus to humanity. He was responsible for killing the god-from-stone known as the Seven-Coils, where he was blinded and scarred beforehand to make him impervious to the powers of that Hour. He was involved in the founding of Mycenae, and had a hand in the matters of both Greece and Rome. He was the teacher of the Lionsmith, and is hinted to also be his father. Since the Lionsmith shattered his sword and betrayed the Colonel at Issus, the two have been at war. The Colonel also serves as the guardian of the Worm Museum, and fights to preserve the status quo of the world and the Mansus.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10] His aspects are Edge[11], Winter[9] and Lantern[1][12]. His hour is 7 a.m.



The Lithomachy: The Colonel had a key role in overthrowing the gods-from-Stone, slaying the Seven-Coils with the help of the Mother of Ants and entering the Mansus by force.[2]

The Colonel’s Descendants: The Colonel is often tied to the development and military activities of the Greco-Roman world. He is the founder Mycenae (the precursor civilization to the Greeks), was involved in the conquests of Alexander, and guided the Unnumbered Legion of Rome.[3][4][13]

The Training of the Golden General: A mortal from the Shadowless Empire traveled west to train under the Colonel. After seven years he returned to his homeland and became their Golden General.[5]

The Battle at Issus (333 BC): In one History, when Alexander led his armies to war with the Shadowless Kings, the Golden General refused to fight against his teacher’s descendants. But King Darius revealed to both the Golden General and Alexander “a secret of great betrayal.” The Golden General shattered his sword, and ascended to become the Hour known as the Lionsmith, locked in Corrivality with the Colonel, while Alexander ceased his conquest of Persia and returned to Macedonia.[5][13][14]

The Worm Museum: The Colonel has been charged by the Hours with the defence of the Worm Museum, which exists both within and without the Mansus. This duty is so important that even the Lionsmith does not challenge him there.[9]




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