The Egg Unhatching

'A faded pale white-gold seen in certain patches of the sky, when the mist is clearing but the sun might be mistaken for the moon.

We hold our breath and watch it brighten, until each colour divides from the next like a new-minted alphabet. The Egg Unhatching' [1]

The Egg Unhatching was one of the gods-from-stone who ruled the Mansus before humanity. To avoid being sent to Nowhere during the Lithomachy, it fled to the Glory, though it still ultimately wasn't able to avoid that fate[2] and was replaced.[3][4][5] It is described as being a warmer and more merciful Sun, though no brighter, a pale-white gold peeking out through the mist.[1] He had some proto-Lantern perhaps, or maybe even Lantern itself, due to its role as the Sun and connection to the Glory.[5][6]



The Lithomachy: Fearing its death alongside those of the other gods-from-stone, the Egg Unhatching attempted to flee into the Glory. While it still ended up in Nowhere, some fragment of its power still seems to remain in the Watchman, who was likely the Unwise Mortal who served it.[3][4][5][2]




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