The Flowermaker

'The Flowermaker cannot touch you;

he cannot find you;

he always has what you desire' [1]

The Flowermaker is a “greedy power of things too wonderful to bear”. He was born from “sparks of delight” created the first Forbidden Acts of the Forge of Days, and now creates wonderful things - perhaps too wonderful. The Flowermaker promises to fulfill one’s desires, if they are only able to find him.[2][3][4] His aspects are Grail[1] and Lantern[5].[6] His hour is 7 p.m.



The Forbidden Acts of the Forge: The origins of the Flowermaker are tied to the “first Forbidden Acts of the Forge”. While these acts aren’t explicitly stated, they are mentioned in the context of pleasures so powerful that they “corrupt the laws of the physical world”, with the sparks from the Forge’s pleasure in its work planting the seeds of the Flowermaker.[3]




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