The Horned Axe

'We call upon the Horned-Axe:

who bears two blades;

who permits passage

when passage is to be permitted;

who waits at the threshold.' [1]

The Horned-Axe is the last of the gods-from-stone, the Hours who existed before humanity and were worshipped by the Carapace Cross. While the rest of them were slain in the Lithomachy, the Horned Axe remains as a liminal guardian of the Threshold. She is an Hour who separates and distinguishes, watching over the boundaries of the Mansus[2][3][4]. Her aspects are Knock[2] and Winter[5].[6] Her hour is 1 p.m.



The Lithomachy: The Horned Axe’s fellow gods-from-stone were all killed in the Lithomachy, when the newer Hours usurped them and humanity forced its way into the Mansus. For whatever reason, the Horned Axe survived.[2][7]

The Flaying of the Thunderskin: After a time of likely hostility between the Horned Axe and the newer Hours, she came to an agreement with the Ring-Yew and the Red Grail. The Thunderskin, a Name of the Red Grail who loved the Yew, was sacrificed in an act presented as restitution for the deaths of the Horned Axe’s siblings. These Hours became those worshiped by the Sisterhood of the Knot.[8][9]

The War of the Roads (1450-1580): The Sisterhood of the Knot allied with the Church of the Unconquered Sun to repel the Children of the Leashed Flame, a group of English Long empowered by the Forge of Days. As an Hour of the Sisterhood, it is implied that the Horned Axe took part in the war.

The Intercalate (1582): The priestesses of the Red Grail prophesied the union of the Forge of Days with the Sun-in-Splendour, but those of the Ring-Yew and especially the Horned Axe included their own lamentations and warnings about the event.[10]




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