The Lionsmith

'The Nature of the Lionsmith is

to be stronger;

to be seamless;

to make monsters'

The Lionsmith was originally a mortal from the Shadowless Empire, who traveled west and trained under the Colonel, returning to Persia and acting as the Golden General. When the armies of Alexander invaded, the Golden General refused to battle against “the blood of his mentor”, but King Darius shared with him a “great secret of betrayal”. In response, the Golden General broke his sword, enacting a teaching of the Forge and ascending as an Hour to become the eternal rival of the Colonel. The Lionsmith is a furious Hour of strength and rebellion, creating monsters and growing ever stronger.[2][3][4] His aspects are Edge[5], Forge[3] and Heart[6]



The Training of the Golden General: The Lionsmith spent seven years in the kingdom of the Perseids to study and train with their patron deity, the Colonel. He then returned to the Shadowless Empire, where he served as their Golden General.[2]

The Battle of Issus (333 BC): In one History the Lionsmith ascended after learning a secret of betrayal from Darius, who also told the secret to Alexander, causing him to turn back to Macedonia.[2]




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