The Meniscate

'We call upon the Meniscate,

from whom we do not turn,

who is exposed,

whose beauty is unmatched' [1]

The Meniscate is one of the Solar Hours, created from the division of the Sun-in-Splendour by the Forge of Days. It was acknowledged even before that event as a Name, the Sun’s “night-self”. Her face is a wounded mirror, and she presides over the House of the Moon, the “shadow-self” of the Mansus. [2][3][4][5] Her aspects are Knock[6], Lantern[7] and Forge[8]. Her hour is 11 a.m.



A Name of the Unconquered Sun: Even before the Intercalate, the Mensicate was acknowledged as a Name of the Sun by the Church of the Unconquered Sun.[3][9]

The Intercalate (1582): The Forge of Days was responsible for dividing the Sun-in-Splendour, who she loved. From the death of the Sun the Solar Hours emerged, among them the Meniscate.[10]

The House of the Moon: The Meniscate is an Hour of reflection, and of the Moon. So it is that a reflection of the House of the Sun exists, the House of the Moon. It is empty and still, but there the Wheel still turns, and the Meniscate gathers there some of those she favours, who pass the Summit Gate and now await the rebirth of the Sun. As within, without.[5]

The Second Dawn: It is prophesied that some day the Sun-in-Splendour will return, and it is implied that the four children of the Sun will be consumed in the process, including the Meniscate.[2]




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