The Seven-Coils

On a bed of dunes beneath a red low sun a monster

wrestles itself while attendants crowd around its

flanks. It is flabby and huge, the colour of dirty

sulphur. Fanged tentacle-necks wrestle like kittens.

It tears cheerfully at its own flesh, and the blood that

flows is golden. It flops over in a cataclysm of wattled flesh,

crushing a knot of attendants, and the others

scream and cheer.' [1]

The Seven-Coils was one of the gods-from-stone, slain by the Colonel with the help of the Mother of Ants during the Lithomachy before they opened the Mansus to humanity. It is described as being a furious, flabby, fanged creature of monstrous size, the colour of sand and sulphur, with multiple tentacle-necks tearing at its own flesh. The Seven-Coils is one of the more difficult Hours to place a “proto-aspect” to. Not only is their death tied to the rise of both the Colonel as an Edge Hour and the Mother of Ants as a Knock Hour, but they also appear to have some connection to Secret Histories.[1][2][3][4][5][6]



The Lithomachy: The Seven-Coils was slain by the Colonel, who scarred and blinded himself to defend against the magic of the god-from-stone. One telling justifies this act by saying that the Seven-Coils had a monstrous appetite and a disdain for humanity. After its death, the Colonel bathed/drowned a priestess in the monster’s blood, who then arose as the Mother of Ants.[7][8][9]




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