The Sun in Splendour

'Auroral rose vies with electric blue.

There is neither night nor morning but only the hours of noon anticipated and lingering noon.

We each of us open our hearts to the golden needle of the sky.

All colours magnified beneath the Sun-in-Splendour' [1]


"The Mansus was different before the first god came from Light"

- 'The Origins of Hours'

The Sun-in-Splendour, one of the original gods-from-Light, was once the greatest of the Hours. He ruled over the House of the Sun after the Lithomachy. His reign came to an end though when the Forge of Days, who loved the Sun, killed it in the Intercalate, to prevent them from having children and committing the Crime of the Sky. The Division of the Sun created the Solar Hours, as well as the Wolf-Divided, and the Worms that bred in its corpse in Nowhere. It is prophesied to one day return in the Second Dawn.[2][3][4][5][6] Assumed to have Lantern as an aspect as a god-from-Light and the Sun, though there are also hints that it may have had all the aspects.[1][7]



The Lithomachy: After the Lithomachy, the Sun-in-Splendour became the ruler of the Mansus, and replaced the Egg Unhatching as the Sun.[4][8][9]

The War of the Roads (1450-1580): In one History, a group of Long used the power of the Forge of Days to lead England to an early conquest of Europe. The Church of the Unconquered Sun and the Sisterhood of the Knot fought back against them. It is assumed that the Sun-in-Splendour supported the Church who worshipped him, likely coming into some conflict with the Forge of Days. The war finally ended with tremendous losses on both sides.

The Intercalate (1582): The Forge of Days loved the Sun-in-Splendour, and their union was long prophesied. But to prevent the Sun-in-Splendour from having children, the Forge of Days divided the Sun, killing it and creating the Solar Hours from its former Names, as well as the Wolf Divided.[10]

The Second Dawn: It is said that the Sun-in-Splendour will one day return, after four great wars, and using a Rite that recapitulates its division.[3]




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