The Thunderskin

'We call upon the Thunderskin,

who cannot be stilled;

demands the dance;

is beaten, like a drum' [1]

The Thunderskin is an Hour which "beats to protect the skin of the world". He was originally a musician who loved the Red Grail and ascended under her as a Name. He later came to love the Ring-Yew, and was flayed by the Red Grail as part of a treaty to placate the Horned Axe, as well as to help the Grail challenge the power of the Twins over the aspect of Heart. He ended up ascending to become an Hour through the Peacock Door, and now beats endlessly as a being of storms, dance, and eternity.[2][3][4] His aspect is Heart[5] and his hour is 4 a.m.



Ascension to a Name: There are several stories describing the Thunderskin as a mortal musician who followed the Red Grail and became one of her Names and lovers. He appears to have originated from Phrygia.[6][7]

The Flaying of the Thunderskin: The Thunderskin was sacrificed to seal the pact between the Red Grail, the Ring-Yew, and the Horned Axe, and is included alongside them as Hours honored by the Sisterhood of the Knot.[3][4]

The War of the Roads (1450-1580): It is implied as an Hour tied to the Sisterhood that the Thunderskin had some part in the War of the Roads.




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