The Tide

'In a night-blue Mansus-haze swims a coral palace-

crown. At its fore-edge it absorbs the lesser Names,

coating them with its minerals and juices, and at its

rear edge it expels some of them, polished like jewels.

The others go to feed its thorny Tide-heart.' [1]

The Tide was one of the gods-from-stone killed and cast down to Nowhere in the Lithomachy. It is described as a “coral palace-crown” swimming through Mansus-haze, which absorbs its Names, some as food and others to be expelled, polished like jewels. It seems to have filled a similar role to the Red Grail, the Hour which killed it, presiding over pleasure and luxury. Aspects of the Tide are unknown, but believed to be some sort of proto-Grail, due to their association with the sea and pleasure.[1][2][3][4]



The Lithomachy: The Tide was killed and sent to Nowhere by the Red Grail, who drained and devoured them.[5]




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