The Wheel

'With each turn its cilia pulse and wriggle and its body flushes translucent to crimson. It might be ugly but it is beautiful like the withdrawing of blood from the labyrinths of glass. It does not cease and all its involutions are infinite.

The Wheel.' [1]

The Wheel was one of the gods-from-stone who were slain in the Lithomachy. It is described visually like some sort of single-celled organism, covered in cilia and shifting from translucent to crimson in color as it turns and pulses endlessly. It seems to have filled a similar role to the Thunderskin, acting as some sort of protector of the world. While the Wheel is supposedly dead in Nowhere, there are hints that it may not be as dead as the other gods-from-stone...[1][2][3][4][5][6]

Its aspects are unknown. Believed to have some sort of unified proto-Heart/Moth aspect, based on connections to current Hours.[7]

"There is a Wheel that only turns beneath the Moon, where once it turned beneath the Sun. But why only one? Why only two?" - Endless Memory



The Lithomachy: The Wheel was slain by the Moth, who stole its skin and “usurped the Wheel from within”.[8]

The House of the Moon: Despite its death in the Lithomachy, the Wheel still turns in the House of the Moon, a reflection of the Mansus. It is even said that someday, the Wheel will return.[9][10]




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