The Wolf Divided

'Three natures

hath the Wolf Divided;

he unmaketh;

he unmaketh;

at the last, he unmaketh' [1]

The Wolf Divided is the youngest Hour, born as the wound of the Sun in the Intercalate. His domain is agony, hatred, and destruction. The Wolf desires for all of reality to end, so that he may finally consume himself and end his own painful existence.[2][3] His aspects are Edge[4] and Winter[3].[5] His hour is 4 p.m.



The Intercalate (1582): The Forge of Days divided the Sun-in-Splendour, who she loved. The Sun was killed, and from the event the Solar Hours were created. Alongside them was the Wolf Divided, the wound born in agony from the division.[6][7]

The Second Dawn: It is prophesied that one day the Sun-in-Splendour will return, and it is implied that the children of the Sun, including the Wolf Divided, will be consumed in the process.[6]




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