How You Could Help

Thanks for reading. If you do want to help "back up" the wiki, there are a few ways. TBH, the main thing that's the most difficult to copy and format, or rather has the highest ratio of grinding for the least amount of actual info in the text - is the "sources" section at the bottom of the page. But it is part of the data!

So if you do want to help, you could pick a page, and just copy down the stuff in the "sources" section - and then make sure that there is a space, a number and period, and then another space, in between each source. So like " 1. (source) 2. (source) " etc. Whether there's paragraphs or not, up to you, whatever's easiest. It'll all get put together with the paragraph html formatting anyway.

This also could affect the order, if for no reason than those pages would be easier to finish. so if you want a particulr page, you can also pick that one.

You can drop of any chunks you do: Here anonymously or not, whatever you like.

But to be honest, this is just a (possibly silly) side project, the real main way if you want to keep copies around is to put the 2 main Cultist Simulator Wikis up on The Internet Archive/Wayback Machine. Anyone can do it. You can also take the opportunity to back up any other wikis you like with NSFW or Queer content. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Here's TheWayback Machine


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