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To Do: Places, Hours, Lore, Lore Types, Events, Etc.

Places - The House Without Walls

Principles / Aspects

Subversion Order Quick Reference Sheet

Lantern -> Forge -> Edge -> Winter -> Heart -> Grail -> Moth -> Lantern ( all to ) Knock ( wildcard ) Secret Histories

The Origins of The Hours

The Chronicles / Timeline

Arranged in a Timeline as Pics A Plaintext Verson for Screenreaders

The Lithomachy

The War of the Roads


The Intercalate



The Hours

The Crime of the Sky

Ascension and the Long

Desires (game mechanic)


Guide: Endgame Conditions warning: contains hella spoilers.

Lore Fragments


The Sisterhoood of the Knot , The Church of the Unconquered Sun, Sovreigns of the Leashed Flame, The Shadowless Empire, The Society of the Lethe, The Hooded Princes, Birds of a Feather, Worms of a Scale, The Ligean Club, etc.



in the capitol , in the shires, on the continent, in the land beyond the forest, in the rending mountains, in the lone and level sands, among the evening islands, etc.

Summoned Spirits

King Crucible, Teresa, Ezeem, Raw Prophet, Percussigant, Hint, Caligine, Maid in the Mirror, Shattered Risen, Burgeoning Risen, A Human Corpse, The Voiceless Dead, etc.



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